Finlock Gutters – Line or Remove?

Finlock gutters have a lot of issues. This can be particularly problematic for homeowners who are unsure what to do to fix the issues with their guttering. Some will choose to have a Finlock gutter removal, others may prefer to line their gutters. Below is some more information to help you make your decision – line or remove?

Finlock Gutter Problems

Concrete guttering replacement

Lining Failure

Lining failure occurs due to the expansion and contraction of the lining due to temperature changes. Thermal changes can lead to the separation of weaker points in the structure. Because of this, the large troughs of concrete are prone to cracking, creating access points where water can enter and cause further negative effects. This kind of failure is incredibly detrimental and should be addressed immediately, as it can be very costly to rectify.

Cold/ Thermal Bridging

Cold bridging is when cold materials meet warmer ones, causing the cooling down of the warmer material. Cold/thermal bridging can be problematic in all weather conditions and can affect your energy consumption, and how well your home insulates. Additionally, the wallpaper can begin to peel away at the top of your wall. Alternatively, if the wall is tiled, the tiles can start to become slightly raised and potentially need redoing. Replacing the Finlock gutters will be more beneficial than lining them in this case.

Sagging and Uneven Finlock Gutters

If there is not adequate filling or strengthening when they’re fixed, they can begin to sag. Sagging is also a result of badly replaced windows, which can become difficult to close or open and ruin the beauty of your home.

The Guttering Has No Pitch

Modern uPVC guttering is tilted to allow rainwater to run away and down the downpipe to the drains. Finlock gutters were installed on top of level walls which means the water has no escape and will sit in the guttering causing more damage over time. In some cases, rainwater will gather and can cause the guttering to collapse.

Damp and Mould Inside Your Home

When water is left in Finlock guttering instead of being carried away from the property it can have many issues. For example, it can cause problems for the fabric of the building and increase risk of mould and damp growth. Both of which can be hazardous for your health and your home.

Damage to Interior Décor

With the above issues, water damage, mould and damp are huge issues. Damp and mould can cause the wallpaper can come away from the walls, water stains and damp can be seen, and paint jobs can be ruined. Redecorating may be a waste of time as redecorating will only hide the issue until they return. To rectify this issue the Finlock gutters will need to be replaced entirely.

Damp and mould concrete guttering


Lining your concrete gutters can be a great solution to your issues. Lining your gutters provides them with a new, watertight layer to stop water from causing leaks and other damage. Lining your gutters is a more cost-effective solution, cheaper than a Finlock gutter removal and replacement. However, lining the gutters does not solve all issues. The gutters will have to already be in a good working condition before being lined, otherwise, it will be a waste of time.

Finlock Gutter Replacement

A Finlock gutter removal and replacement is a more well-rounded solution to any and all concrete gutter issues. A Finlock gutter replacement ensures that your gutter problems are gone for good and will not be returning due to the Finlock gutters. This is the more expensive option overall, but when considering the long term life of your new gutters, you are far less likely to have to pay for further repairs in the future.