Finlock Gutter Removal

What are Finlock gutters?

Finlock gutters were commonly installed in the UK between the 1950s and late 1960s. They were a guttering solution designed by a company called Royston, and were made of concrete blocks joined together. They were installed as an alternative to the previous metal guttering systems.

Why were they installed?

They were offered as a low-cost and maintenance-free alternative to the metal guttering which was harder and more costly to source at the time. Cavity constructed walls were also becoming more popular at the time, and Finlock gutters served close to the top of cavity walls so could be used for load-bearing.

Gradually, it became apparent that they were not as durable as first thought and had many long-term drawbacks for homeowners. This has led to the development of a modern and more fit-for-purpose alternative material being used, uPVC.

Internal leaks

Why Should I Invest in Finlock Gutter Removal?

Finlock gutter removal and replacement is a worthwhile investment as they often require costly repair as well as the risk of substantial damage to the property.

The sheer weight of the concrete gutter combined with the often rushed and poor installation lead to several problems, mainly due to water and air being able to penetrate and travel through the cavity wall. This happens with weather changes, as the joints in the Finlock guttering contract and expand.

The main problems with Finlock Guttering include:

Interior and exterior building damage

Damp and mould

Sagging and uneven appearance of window frames

Cold bridging


Flooding and leaking

Cold drafts and decrease in internal temperature

Damp and mould concrete guttering
Upvc guttering

Concrete Gutter Wizards Will Remove Your Finlock Guttering

Concrete Gutter Wizards are experts in Finlock gutter removal and replacement. The team have extensive experience in performing the removal process and following strict safety procedures. They will remove the heavy Finlock guttering in a controlled and careful manner, and then dispose of it responsibly.

We then install modern uPVC guttering which improves thermal efficiency, by stopping the issues mentioned above. Immediately after installation, the difference is quickly apparent, and many customers comment that they wish they had made the decision sooner.

Our thorough and unrivalled service at CGW gives our customers a quick and effective solution, ensuring you are left with an exterior to be proud of, and all the damp and associated issues are eradicated. Read more about the process here. 

We provide a free, no-obligation, quote at a date and time to suit your preference. Contact us to book your home survey.

The Concrete Gutter Wizards advice is to not let your Finlock gutters get to the point where they are causing you problems, this will just end up being more costly for you. Do not waste money on short term solutions like lining as these ultimately fail and/ or water gets underneath them, and you are left with the same set of problems as above. While the lining might be guaranteed, the failing concrete gutters underneath will not be.