FAQs - Concrete Guttering Removal

If we had a penny for every time someone asked this or for a rough ballpark figure, well we would not need to work in the concrete gutter industry. The truth is that there is no definitive answer until we have spoken to you and assessed things like access requirements, number of sides, length of sides, asbestos on site etc. We generally like to see the property and have a chat with you before we provide a quote. This gives us the best chance of providing you with the most accurate quote possible.

This is an aspect of the job that may companies struggle with, however, we put time, energy and resources, all based on experience of carrying out the job, into developing the joining system that we use on every installation. This allows water to continue to flow freely between yours and your neighbours’ properties without and leaks.

Our fitters remove concrete gutters and replace them with uPVC day in and day out and we have twenty years experience. They have learnt how to do the job both efficiently and effectively. A competent fitter should be able to two sides of concrete within two days, some of our teams can do it within one day. We try to make it as painless and stress-free for you as possible. If your property requires scaffolding then The Concrete Gutter Wizards will organise this along with your rubbish removal, keeping you updated along the way.

If you have any kind of issue with the materials or workmanship, then your first port of call should be to call us directly. We offer an Insurance Backed Warranty from the Independent Warranty Association which is valid for 10 years.

As The Concrete Gutter Wizards only use the best materials, we are proud to say that there is 25-year manufacturers guarantee on the uPVC products used in your installation.

While some companies opt to extend the roof rafters, essentially cutting the new uPVC guttering off from the neighbours, The Concrete Gutter Wizards, instead, apply their method of joining to neighbours on both sides. This means that water can continue to flow freely. Your house will just look better than your neighbours.

No, this is not a problem at all. The Concrete Gutter Wizards have extensive experience in removing concrete gutters and replacing with uPVC on properties where there are solar panels on the roof.

Yes, if it is the concrete gutters and not your roof felt that is the problem. We are not chartered surveyors so cannot give your house a full run down of what problems are caused by what, we can tell you whether your concrete gutters need replacing though and we check the bottom of your felt as a courtesy.

Once your concrete gutters have been replaced the damp will not disappear overnight and a dehumidifier might help but the damp should not get any worse.

No, not at all. We are trained and licensed to handle asbestos which means that we can remove it safely from your property and put it in the required safety bags. We will then replace your old downpipes with uPVC downpipes.

Our fitting teams use Easi-dec equipment, this is one of the latest in health and safety access equipment. It can be put up safely inside of 45 minutes. What’s more, our fitting teams have been on an Easi-dec training course to ensure they know how to use it safely. Scaffolding may still be required on the odd occasion, however, if this is the case with your property, you will be made aware before the installation.

You may think we are biased, however, the fact that some customers have their gutters lined numerous times is testament to the fact that there is no longevity in this as a solution. Even if you just take the cost of the lining itself, having this done numerous times could easily work out more expensive than having it done once by The Concrete Gutter Wizards, and that does not include the numerous stints of redecorating costs that come with the lining route.

While lining companies might offer a guarantee, if you read their small print you will find that this is simply on their lining and not the concrete gutter that it is meant to protect.