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Finlock Guttering Solutions UK Limited has over a decade’s experience in the removal of Finlock gutters. We are one of only a handful of companies specialising in this service who conform to the latest Building Regulations. When we install new products we consider how they will look, how they will enhance your home, and how they are going to perform in the years to come.Although there are various types of gutters on the market, and many installation methods, you have to consider the aesthetics of these solutions, and whether they are capable of doing a job without causing issues at your home. Simply removing concrete guttering isn’t enough, there has to be a suitable replacement that performs effectively in the future, without causing further problems.

Sadly for homes fitted with a Finlock gutter, many faults arise. This can include issues with damp and cold, which cause internal and external damage, leading to costly repairs.

How do we remedy this?

There are various methods used for the removal of finlock gutters and unfortunately, some guttering services fail to address the important factors involved. We never do at Finlock Gutter, we ensure our solutions future-proof your home, and protect it from cold, damp and other gutter related issues.

We do this by looking at…

1. Cold Bridging

Thermal bridging helps to protect your home from the cold. This can be compromised if there are any mistakes with the removal of finlock gutters. Like 99% of companies specialising in this service, we remove the front edge of the Finlock gutter to leave the rear section which forms the main lintel.

The lintel sometimes has a reinforced bar running through it and should stay intact, as long as the front section is removed with care.

Having vast experience in this area, over the years we have installed two types of lintels to help support the existing Finlock, or we replace the existing guttering where this is required.

2. The Angle Iron


This is typically used to support the remaining Finlock over a wider window if the frame needs replacing at any point.Without this vital support, the guttering could sag, leading to problems with damp, water penetration and structural issues.

All of the angle irons we install are made from the very finest steel materials and designed to be sturdy and extremely stable.




If the Finlock guttering has sagged too much or deteriorated at an alarming rate, we will remove the whole of this and install an RSJ steel beam from inside, supporting the main wall plate and the roof above. Should the area above the window need reinforcing with an RSJ or an angle iron we will do this as a matter of course as part of our quality service.

Even if we don’t pick up on this when we provide you with a free quotation, we will still install the RSJ but won’t charge you for the additional work. We would much rather safeguard our company’s reputation than go back to you asking for more money, this principle is vitally important to us.

The Installation Method

Current Building Regulations require a guttering installation to be carried out correctly and this means installing a vented soffit board, adding insulation and lintels if required.

We understand this, and always implement our traditional methods of work, incorporating all of the following elements:

  • We are required to install 800mm long timber rafter extensions so we can form a gap rather like a double glazed glass unit in a window. Our competitors merely secure a 6” X 1” timber
  • As part of our service, we install a 50mm thick insulation board between the remaining Finlock gutter in the outer soffit (underneath section) to prevent cold from passing through the wall and into your home. Our competitors don’t do this!
  • We install a vented soffit board as part of a Building Regulation requirement, taking the moisture out of the roof space and reducing condensation in your home. Our competitors don’t do this!
  • We only install a 20mm thick fascia board as this supports the weight of the tiles better and won’t sag in the years to come.Our competitors don’t do this, they install thinner boards so be warned!
  • Our guttering is an 80mm deep, deep flow gutter and not shallow like the half round or square gutters currently found on the market. We do this to help water escape from a big roof without any overflow.Our competitors generally install half round or shallow-square guttering that lacks in performance!
  • Underneath the original roofing membrane that has perished, we will install 1,000mm of new membrane to the roof.Once again not many of our competitors will do this!
  • We will also install an additional row of matching reclaimed tiles. We know that not many of our competitors will do this!


All of this results in a first class finlock guttering service, want to know why?

    • It conforms to Building Regulations.
    • It makes the house warmer because of effective cold bridging.
    • It reduces noise from outside.
    • It reduces the condensation in the house and the roof space.
    • It performs better than our competitors.

At Finlock Gutter we understand our customers want a professional job doing at a reasonable price and not all guttering services are a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Unfortunately, not all companies share our ethos. They don’t care if they service your needs and pay scant regard to how the installation performs over the years.

We do!

Our insurance policy helps to protect you even if we’re not here, we believe if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing properly!

As one of the leading concrete guttering experts, we serve customers throughout the whole of the country and are here to assist you in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our concrete gutter services, or call to speak to us on 01233 659534.

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