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Saying you’re the country’s leading Roofline replacement company is a very bold statement to make! This is something we can proudly claim at FGS, we are market leaders in the domestic sector for Finlock Guttering, with the ability to undertake commercial contracts for councils, housing associations and industrial clients.

FGS are class-leading installers of Finlock Guttering systems, or concrete guttering as it is also known, and we are experts at what we do. We remove Finlock guttering and follow traditional methods to install new roofline products to the highest possible standards, something other companies fail to fulfil.

We are a small and friendly company covering the whole of the country from Scotland right down to the tip of Cornwall. Based in the Midlands, we are in the perfect location to travel throughout the UK using our own highly trained Finlock gutter experts who complete installations to superior standards.

The Specialist Roofline Replacement Company

Finlock Guttering Solutions UK Limited specialises in the removal of Finlock concrete gutter systems, installed on homes all over the country between the 1950′s and 1970′s.

Having removed and replaced concrete Finlock guttering for the last fifteen years plus we know how to overcome common issues without causing further problems. We have the complete solution, done properly without cutting corners.

Our service is invaluable to countless homes fitted with concrete guttering. We remove Finlock guttering and are the only company to complete installations in the traditional way. Being part of the Swish Approved Installers Scheme means we only employ quality tradesmen and we only install the finest quality PVC-u products manufactured right here in Great Britain.

Why Choose Finlock Guttering Solutions UK Limited?

FGS take pride in the work that we do, never cutting corners. We are one of a few if not the only company who will install either a 25mm or 50mm insulation as standard reducing or in some cases removing cold bridging.

Swish Ogee Guttering as standard. Normal Half round or Square gutters are only 55mm deep whereas the Swish’s Ogee is a whopping 80mm deep on the front edge and 70mm on the back edge.

If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. Using the right materials for the job and the right staff.

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Get in touch with us to discuss our various roofing products from traditional tiles to our new fifty-year life expectancy Rubber Roof.

The easiest way to speak to us about a roofline replacement is to call our main telephone number 01233 659534. You can contact us by submitting a few details into our enquiry form or email us at and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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